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Polo Mentoring

Team Mentoring meets The Sport of Kings!

Polo Mentoring Article

Team Mentoring meets The Sport of Kings! Our Polo Mentoring program blends the unique qualities of horses and the world’s oldest team sport with professional corporate mentoring. From a beautiful countryside base, we work with ambitious teams to develop skills and unleash personal as well as business potential.

In the Polo Mentoring program, the horse becomes your unusual new colleague and will help your mentor to identify and work to resolve the most important challenges in your team. During the program you will learn to truly work as a team, as opposed to simply a group of people belonging to same organisation. Horse-assisted learning, polo, mentoring, theory and practice blend in a truly unique and effective program, which will help you boost team performance.

Internationally Acclaimed Mentor

Frank Pedersen has more than 20 years experience building and growing companies around the world. He has successfully handled major turn-arounds and executed crisis management strategies for companies in South East Asia, Europe and USA in C-level positions. Frank blends practical experience and modern mentoring principles to help clients drive real change and results. Since 2012 he has worked internationally
as mentor for major corporations such as Intel, Telenor, ABB, Rolls Royce, Mckinsey, Nike, PWC, Siemens, Syngenta, Lufthansa, SABMiller and ISS.
Unleash team potential with:
• Increased authenticity and assertiveness
• Solutions for reaching your team goals more efficiently
• Tools for translating individual strengths to team results

The Perfect Wingman

Horses are sensible animals. They are genetically fine-tuned to read body language from other living creatures and interpret intention. That makes them ideal in mentoring and they help create an excellent training space for the mentor and your team.

Your Polo Mentoring Program?

We tailor a program to suit the needs and challenges of you and your team to make sure you get tangible results and useful tools and learnings to take back to the office. Programs are a combination of working individually, with your team, from the ground with the horses and learning the skills and components of the game of polo as part of the mentoring and team development.

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