About Frank Pedersen

With 20+ years’ experience in building and running businesses around the world, I bring knowledge of the qualities required by company leaders in today’s global and fast-changing environment. I have led fundamental business transformations including margin growth amid global crises and market consolidation. I have been the driving force behind business creation to meet new market opportunities, plus inspired change in several businesses across South East Asia, Europe and the USA. My most recent position was CEO of Siemens Security Solution.

I am a competitive and caring person; my passion is to help other people excel. This is why I do what I do. I take great pride in working with and supporting leaders at all levels to become the best possible version of themselves.

I have worked my whole business life outside my home country of Denmark; this experience, I believe, has provided me with extensive and in-depth knowledge across the challenges leaders are facing in today’s global world. I am a hands-on executive who is constantly looking for improvement and to create impact.

I have nurtured talent and worked with executives in: Fast-moving Consumer Goods, Technology, Financial Technology, Airlines and Food & Beverage. I have found that many talented people struggle to understand and realise their potential. Once leaders are able to fully utilise their existing talents, something magical can happen. My belief is they can then enjoy the inspirational blend of leading change and driving for results. It is my privilege to play a part in their journey.

Frank Pedersen

Who is Frank Pedersen?

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