Organisational Development

All organisations are very different to an extent. However I believe the following to be universal.


To fully develop the organisation to its own true potential we are working on the edge, supporting the economical and organisational success. We help the individual to build authenticity and to become more resilient by using their own talents as well as others.

It is about teaching each individual to move towards a true team as opposed to a group of people who are in the same organisational unit reporting to the same person. The core of developing the organisation is about developing teams thinking and more importantly acting.

The foundation as expressed by Roger Schwarz is Mutual Learning behaviour. We work by getting the team to embrace that they have a mutual accountability as opposed to a top down accountability.

Once we have achieved clarity of the teams/organisations purpose, the individuals will start to understand and embrace their own unique strengths and with it contribute to the teams purpose and success. The final piece of that puzzle is the answer to the question.

How are they working as a team when together AND when apart?