Leadership Development

3 universal truths about leadership:


When I talk with clients about this, the reactions range from “This is too simple” to “This is paradoxical”:

Let me explain what I mean.
As a leader you and only you have the ultimate responsibility for your business. This is why you are in charge. Depending on the business, you will have one or hundreds or even thousands of people working for you. You must accept that you can not, nor should you attempt to control all their actions. This is why you can not be in control, but you will have to rely on everybody within your organisation working to the best of their ability and with the best interests of the company in mind.

As a leader, you make decisions about the future. You plan it carefully, look at market requirements etc. and then you decide the next course of action. Since it is not possible to know what the future will bring, it is by definition, uncertain.

Leading is a decision that you have to make. This sounds trivial and maybe it is, but I have seen many leaders fail and some fall because they did not make the decision to lead. They were not clear about what it meant.

One thing it can mean, is that leadership is lonely. Although you might have someone above you, for example a Board of Directors and you always have the opportunity to work with consultants, when all is said and done and decisions have to be made, they will all be looking at you. This is when it can be lonely and if you have not made a conscious decision that this is what you want to do, you are in trouble. Very often you hear “He could not handle the pressure”. One of the reasons can be that the decision to want to lead and take control was never made.

We work with leaders so that they understand this and develop them so that they are equipped to best of their ability to handle this.